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Grand Canyon Adventure of the Southern Rim- Episode 98- Puppet Hound Z

The Grand Canyon an awe inspiring location bound to make you question the of the origin or meaning of life. It's a location that I've been wanting to do an episode of the Puppet Hound Z Show for years. Now after nearly a year and a half of work I'm able to realize my goal. This episode marks a technical and visual triumph that I've finally been able to release on my channel and even though I don't have many viewers as other YouTubers or as much time as they do, I've been able to muster up my spare time and energy to release this amazing video to all of you.

I'm sure may of you viewers wonder how much work goes into an episode like this, especially since I haven't been able to release videos on a regular basis like I used to do in previous years. So I figured I dedicate this blog on the amount of work and detail that has gone into creating this amazing work.


The Video Started off as as idea that I wish I could someday accomplish. But then…

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