PUPZEPTION Parody of INCEPTION Spoof - Episode 10 - Puppet Hound Z

Pupzeption is a parody of Inception a movie by Christopher Nolan. It's a film about dreams and the implanting of ideas in a dreamers mind. It's a film that will probably get me a lot of views. This is also the first time I've implemented green screen visual effects and also had a friend help me out with music. Hope you have a great laugh.

-Kaleb F. Creator of Puppet Hound Z Show

Behind the Scenes is out now too: Green Screen Cloning.

Also be aware that on Twitter I go by the username: @puppethoundz
If you look up ZHX1138 he's an impostor username and he is not my channel's twitter. I don't even know how this guy came up with this username as far as I know I'm the only one that created the username.