Figment [50 minute movie] by LadyLyn1 - Little Big Planet 2 Community Sp...

This week features a Little Big Planet 2 community level created by: LadyLyn1. LadyLyn made a entire 50 minute long detective thriller called “Figment [50 minute movie]” Please don’t get intimidated by this because it’s a really good film. In this week’s video we feature the 1st 7 minutes of the movie with both commentary and reviewing thoughts by Z.

Z and I even were able to get brief Behind-the-scenes feedback from Ladylyn1 about the creation of the movie. We asked Ladylyn1 about, “What was the biggest challenge creating this movie and what inspired her for the amazing story?” and this is the feedback we got below.

“Hey man,
Yeah sure. As you can probably tell I’m away from home at the moment. I'm an engineering student so won't be back for a while. But I’ll let you know a bit about the first two chapters if you want:

The second chapter was the hardest to create by a long way as it is mostly done with moving scenes. In all cases the train is stationary and the environment is moving to the appearance of a speeding train. Also I spent quite a lot of time on the perspectives (my favorite being the scene opening the carriage door and looking down at the moving track). It was the first time I attempted a first person view in the movie and I decided it worked so well that I had to carry on creating the first person views to give the viewer a fuller experience. One of the most memorable parts of the film for most people is the 'bullet time' also in Chapter 2, I kind of surprised myself when I managed to pull that off! It's all based on camera movement going past the bullets and keeping the sackbot a fixed size to create the appearance the cameras are still.

As for the story, I knew the general idea but kind of made most of it up as I went along. Lots of people have compared it to The Silent Window, Black-Ops, Silent Hill... All of which I've never seen/played. It was entirely my imagination.

Thanks again for offering to do a review, I hope that helps a little! Looking forward to seeing it up on youtube soon!”

As you can all see Ladylyn had quite a interesting challenge. So make sure you take look at the commentary/review of Ladylyn’s 50 minute Little Big Planet 2 movie level, “Figment”

With thanks to all,
Puppet Hound Z show creator & announcer guy.