Puppet Hound Z Hits Puberty!?- Episode 34- Puppet Hound Z Channel Update

Episode 34: Puberty hits Puppet Hound Z and for the first time in his life he matures into a more experienced dog puppet. But, for Z it may be a little more scary and funny than for most people. If only growing up could be this easy for humans.

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Puppet Hound Z Creator Note:
This video takes the Puppet Hound Z channel (ZHX1138) to a much needed half year update to a Z 2.0 in attempt to broaden the series to more diverse ages, families and backgrounds with emphasis on the cool factor. I've done over 8 months of the Puppet Hound Z show and there has been a need to optimize and update the show to help increase its longevity. Please understand that Z's personality and excitement hasn't changed but, he's merely just growing up and maturing into a cooler and more diverse Puppet Hound that everyone can enjoy.

hope everyone continues to enjoy my show with respect to all,

Puppet Hound Z Show creator