Sirius 3D- Real 3D Shooter by: Felkroth - Little Big Planet 2 Community ...

This week features a cool Little Big Planet 2 level created by a girl named: Felkroth on PSN. It’s called Sirius 3D: Real 3D Shooter. It’s a outer space level created in the likes of Starfox 64.

This week’s level creator: Felkroth gave us some really cool behind the scenes feedback. Check it out here:

What inspired you for making Sirius 3D?
“First of all, let me thank you for choosing my level for your review.
I had just finished the chapter 1 of my Frozen Flame series and was taking a short break but then I stumbled upon fubalicious' and robbit10's first 3D camera concepts... and of course I wanted to try making something with that!
My levels often tend to start with entirely different concept and ideas than they end up being.. for example.. Sirius was not going to be Sirius at all, but a 3D racer similar to older F-Zero games. ..The old Star Fox games definitely inspired me when the concept turned from racing to space shooter.”
Why did your concept change from racer to shooter?
“I knew that to attain a sense of speed and even moderately long track, I'd have to actually keep the vehicle in place and have the entire track shoot at the player through an emitter! But that didn't work out too well with racing as I soon found out. So, the concept changed to a space shooter instead.”
What is the coolest behind the scenes technique you used to create Sirius 3D?
“While it may not be obvious to the player, the ship actually does not move forward but rather the entire environment is emitted in the distance and it moves towards the player ship, same with enemies and everything. The player only strafes and moves up and down. This allowed me to make as long a level as I wanted, because otherwise I'd run out of space really fast. 
The entire level is actually one huge Sequencer that spawns the enemies, events and the level pieces at appropriate times... so if you were to enter the level in create mode, it'd be completely empty apart from the title screen and the starry background. Everything else is spawned as the player advances. I'm quite notorious for making extremely strange design choices in my levels :)”
What was the most challenging part of making the level?
“I guess the most challenging part was making the 3D camera look good no matter where your ship is.. I actually used some really old version of the 3D camera and the more recent logic that's available now would've made the entire process much easier.”

It surely indeed helps show Little Big Planet creators see how talented and intuitive you are with regard to the amazing creative process a Little Big Planet level goes through. Thank you so much for the feed-back it goes to show that there is a big power house of women making cool levels. Z and me, the Announcer guy, feel that this level deserves it due credit for being fun, creative and unique. Be sure to check out this week’s episode featuring Felkroth’s cool level Sirius 3D- Real 3D shooter.

With respect and thanks to all feed back and viewer support,

Kaleb the Announcer guy
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Puppet Hound Z show creator.

Update: As of a new Little Big Planet 2 level creation update this level is now broken, but rest assured that Felkroth makes great content and is trying to make a better recreation of this really amazing level.