Overcharged 3D Racer Interview with Steve_Big_Guns - Little Big Planet 2 Community...

Hi all as this week’s video featured: Overcharged 3D racer by Steve_Big_Guns a creator and gamer on Little Big Planet 2 community. As I’ve done in two previous level features I’ve gotten some behind the scenes feedback from Steve Big Guns himself with regard to some cool things about the creation of his level. It’s featured below:

What inspired you to do Overcharged 3D Racer?
I decided to try a 3d racer to see if it’s possible to do it well with the 3d cam.

What caused you to go with Wipe-Out or F-Zero racing visual style?
I went with a sci-fi look as it’s the easiest to do with not much detail allowing for open environments.

What was your biggest challenge creating Overcharged 3D Racer?
The main challenges were that the camera can’t rotate without losing perspective. This meant emitting a second vehicle on the 2nd half of the lap. I used a whiteout in the tunnels to cover this up. Due to the game rendering everything on screen looking up the level, I had to be very cautious about not getting carried away with too much detail. In term of visuals creating in this perspective is far more difficulty to pull off than with using the standard perspective cam, although if done right it can look pretty interesting.

Thanks for you’re amazing feedback and I hope many more players get to see the amazing detailed and challenging fun you created in Overcharged 3D Racer. Keep on making great levels Steve.
I hope this interview has gotten you pumped to see this weeks amazing Little Big Planet 2 Feature on Steve_Big_Guns’ Overcharged 3D Racer. Be sure to leave a comment and actually play his level and give him a like and a heart.

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