LBP Chess by: Ninjamicwz- Little Big Planet 2 Community Spotlight/review...

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This week we feature a level called: LBP Chess by: Ninjamicwz. He created a full-fledged chess game that can be played via Sack Characters. Be aware that this is 2 players only. There is no AI to play against, unless you play against yourself via two controllers. Puppet Hound Z and I were able to get a brief interview with Ninjamicwz check it out below.
What was the most challenging thing you encountered while creating LBP Chess?
The challenge in making chess in LBP2 was designing the logic that runs it in a way that didn't cause any slowdown in the level, and making it efficient so that i could use really detailed and fun costumes for the pieces because those take up the most space and it's hard to have that many Sackbots on-screen at the same time. The other hard part was really just hitting a point where i couldn't add anymore.
What do you like about Little Big Planet 2 and what do you plan for future levels?
LBP2 allows you to do a lot more than you could with LBP1, but the more you learn about it & the better you get, the more you want to do things that even LBP2 has trouble handling. I'm working on a strategy role-playing-game now, called Phalanx Advance, based on roman soldiers and fantasy. I hope I don’t run out of room on the level before I get all the features I want in, so it can still look nice and have a lot of game-play.
So there you have it a brief interview with Ninjamicwz. We thank you for the feedback Ninja and I hope you keep on making great levels.
For all those who are reading this I hope you take a look at the video below featuring the review. Be sure you take some time and play this amazing level with a friend as it’s 2 player online or at home play only.
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