San Diego Zoo Epic Tour- Part 1- Puppet Hound Z

The San Diego Zoo a beautiful place of awe and wonderment showing some of the worlds most exotic and endangered animals. Puppet Hound Z and I have been planning this project for nearly 6 months and we finally had the time to make the trip and film this amazing place. Since the San Diego Zoo is epic encompassing over 100 acres of over 4000 various animals I have taken the time to make this a two episode tour. Part 1 (Episode 42) is today’s episode below and next week Puppet Hound Z will feature the other half of the animals we’ve filmed and toured in Part 2 (Episode 43).
So I hope you enjoy this weeks episode San Diego Zoo Tour Part 1 and look forward to Part 2 next week. Thank you to all 364 subscribers for you amazing support. I can’t thank you enough and please share this video with your friends so that I can maybe make money off this show one day. *laughs out loud*
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PS. This weeks episode marks the use of a new Wide Angle Lens that gets more cinematic shots! Hope you like it.