San Diego Zoo Epic Tour- Part 2- Puppet Hound Z

So here it is the concluding part to the San Diego Zoo tour. I hope you enjoy part 2 of this video as this week features amazing Polar Bears and a baby Hippo. Along with that are many other animals and things that can be experienced at this zoo.
Unfortunately there is no way to cover everything at this zoo as it would take around another 5 to 10 episodes and a full week filming at the zoo. But rest assured that this is a great over view of this zoo and you should be eager to go see it one day.
As you may or may not know this San Diego Zoo 2 part tour is my biggest project I’ve have made on the Puppet Hound Z Show to this day it encompasses around a total of a month of work: filmed, edited and released over to create a mere 17 minutes of Epic video. So I hope you will take the time and share this with your friends.
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