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This week Puppet Hound Z features a level from the Little Big Planet 2 Community known as: DrunkenFist_Lee. And believe me he’s not drunk because he made this amazing level called: At World’s End.
At World’s End is a Poetic Interpretive Platformer where the focus is on atmosphere and story interpretation. Similar in conceptual style as LIMBO, Braid and ICO where the focus is a poetic story told through the means of a platforming game. This has become a new rising genre for video games and art so featuring this level on The Puppet Hound Z Show is epic.
Amazingly Puppet Hound Z and I were able to get a brief interview done with DrunkenFist_Lee. Check it out below:
What inspired you to make "At World's End"?

The games I listed as influencing factors (ie
. Out of This World, Heart of Darkness, Oddworld, ICO, and LIMBO.) all have a distinct focus on atmosphere and wonder. Traditional game play often takes the backseat, and players are encouraged to explore and use their brains a bit more.

What was the most challenging thing you encountered creating the level?

Theirs two things, really, one challenge was just to get to my planned ending before my thermo overheated. From the start, I was determined to limit this to a single level. I feel sending players through level links can 'pull' players out of the experience. I wanted it to be self contained. It really took a lot of micromanaging of my thermo to fit everything in. In the end, I got what I wanted.

Second, were the hint arrows, I was tempted to not have them in there at all. All the genre games which influenced me had no such thing. The player had to figure it out on their own. Sadly, it seems people have short attention spans, however. I opted for the hints, but then had troubles adjusting the timing for them to kick in. Some players complained the arrows popped up too fast, and they wanted more time to figure it out on their own. Other players were frustrated and just quitting the level without even seeing the hints. So it's a really fine balance I had to get with that timing.

Would you like to reveal the meaning behind the poetic level?

No. (*DrunkenFist_Lee Smiles*) Stating what it all means would defeat the point of it all. I will say, that nothing is meant to be taken at face value. Many of the key elements in the level are symbolic, and open to interpretation. When all is said and done, it's really up to the player to find meaning.

What does the level mean to accomplish (ie. poetry, art style, emotion) with its art style and game-play?

I really wanted to transcend the traditional gaming experience. I want the story to connect with the players on an emotional level, and to hopefully have a lasting impact on their very being.

You see... it’s all part of my diabolical plan...
Anything you wish to say with regard to having your level featured on the Puppet Hound Z Show?

Thank you very much for showcasing my level. When this level was first published, it only got around 300 hearts before vanishing into the void. Luckily (for me) there were some people who really fought for this to get noticed and I doubt I would have gotten the MM pick without them. In a lot of ways, creators really depend on people like you to get them exposure. The built-in cool levels system really doesn't spread the players out enough. You have millions of players on just a small handful of levels at a time. Too much depends on pure random, really. Anyways, I'm rambling. Thanks you so much!

And thank you also DrunkenFist_Lee for replying to our Questions. Keep on making amazing levels and never doubt your amazing creativity.

For anyone interested in seeing the full commentary review be sure to check out this weeks episode of the Puppet Hound Z Show featuring DrunkenFist_Lee’s level called: At World’s End.

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