The Future of Gaming. Part 1

I've been watching the direction of progress for video gaming industry. It has caused me to think about all the progress a few video game publishers and developers have done in the past few years. I know you remember the episode of Puppet Hound Z where I talk about Portal 2 review, which is a game created by Valve Software.

This is my Portal 2 Review Video if you haven't seen it already.

Portal 2 is a game created by: Valve Software and along with making games, Valve runs a game distribution site called: Steam. In the review Puppet Hound Z did about Portal 2, I mentioned two things. One was Steam Cloud, and another was Steam-Play. These two features I feel are going to change the way we play games! Why? Let find out

What is Steam Cloud and Steam Play?

  1. Steam Cloud allows a user to synchronize their save files from the computer to their online account on steam. This means that all your safe files are stored on your online account. So when you go to a friends house and want to play your game on their computer you can start your game right where you left off at home. This is because your files are on that online account (ie. the steam cloud) and thus you have access to those files from any computer PC, or MAC anywhere on the planet. - For more information check out steams official statement on the feature.- Steam Cloud.
  2. Steam-Play is a feature by steam that allows for cross platform play. Steam has been the first video game company to ever do this in history as far as I know. But, what does this cross-platform play mean? It means that you can for this first time ever play online battle, or co-op with a friend when you may own a PC computer and your friend may have a Macintosh computer. (I personally thought that this was happening already in the PC industry but I was wrong when I found out this year when Portal 2 was released.) Another neat feature which was never done before is the two-player co-op of a PC/MAC with a console system! Portal 2 allowed this feature with the PlayStation 3 and a PC, and, or MAC. (Steam's website for more information on Steam Play)
Both of these features are available for PC, MAC and PS3 (PS3 via. Portal 2 Only).
What does this mean? Well, I believe it brings video gamers to a more universal area where nobody will be boasting and flaunting the superiority of a PC/MAC and consoles systems. But, rather, more focus can be on the games themselves and whether the game is entertaining or fun since the particular game is on all consoles and PCs and Macs. This new feature also can mean their could be less first party titles in video gaming.

But what other things have happened with regard to the future of gaming that are changing the way we looking at video games and their said platforms?