The Future of Gaming. Part 2

Last week, I talked about Steam Cloud and Steam Play by: Valve Software on their Steam gaming distribution website. I mentioned in the previous article, that these new innovations have been put into effect over the past few years. Example of this can be: Windows Live and their cloud,, Apples' ICloud and Google Documents.

All of the before mentioned companies have created this social storage,, and media universe called, the cloud, where you have access to your own content. You can gain access to this content via, a virtual internet hard-drive that you have free access to on a PC, Mac, Iphone and Android device (thus the cross platform access to your content). Now I know I haven't mentioned these things in the previous article, because I'm doing this to give you the context. This will allow you to understand where I'm coming from and so that you will be able to see where technology is going with regarding to gaming.

So back on track with gaming and it's future with the cloud and cross-platform play.

PlayStation Network is one of the many that are catching on to this cloud gaming idea. Sony as of this year of 2011 allowed PlayStation Plus Members the ability to save up to a 100 MB of their game saves on Sony's cloud. This feature is beneficial to gamers, because when a PS3 breaks you lose all those save files since your hard-drive is encrypted paired to that specific PS3. So if you take the hard-drive, and put it into another PS3 it forces a reformat thus losing all of your files. (Click here to see Playstation Plus Features from the official website.)

Sony is also planning to allow gamers to play a PlayStation 3 and the Playstation Vita (PlayStation Vita is the new PlayStation Portable gaming device that is to release in 2012) versus, or with each other online on the same games. Thus, the cross-platform play, but only within a single company such as Sony. It's a small leap, but Sony is getting their especially, since Valve and Sony worked together to allow cross platform play with Valve games like: Portal 2, and possibly Counter Strike: Global Offensive when it was released. (PlayStation Vita will be cross-platform so much they you may even be able to use the Vita as a PS3 controller!) - Click here for a link on the PlayStation Vita!

We now see a little more with regard to future universal gaming. Could this mean the future of where gaming is going? I don't know for sure, but I think I'm starting to see a trend in the new horizon.

On my next article, I'm going to talk about an even bigger provider that's taking cloud storage, and cross platform to what I think is an extreme! Find out next week.