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This week Puppet Hound Z features a level by ShadowRiverUB. It’s a fully functional arcade-like game level inspired by both Pong and another game called: Curveball. The Title of the game is: IN-SIDE-OUT. Why is it called inside out? Because the level is not in it’s traditional pong 2D vector graphics, rather it’s in 3D! So check out the video below as it’s awesome and will visually display why this game is so amazing

Me and Puppet Hound Z were honored with the ability to get in contact with ShadowRiverUB and interview him via. a Private message on Read it in full below or check out the video where I mention some of this interview briefly.

What inspired you to make IN-SIDE-OUT?
"Curveball :) (Check it out by clicking the name.)"

What was the biggest challenge creating IN-SIDE-OUT?
"Detecting when the balls hit the player’s play-field, and if he got hit, or not, this gave me the most trouble."

Any Cool Behind the Scenes Notes you wish to share about the level?
"The ball object is actually not moving in and out ; ]"

How Long has this project taken to be completed in full?
"Nearly half a year, but I was lazy on the beginning, and voice work delayed it a little bit at the end."

What do you plan to do with PlayStation Move in the Level?
"You will be able to control the pad, like you would do with cursor, but with a PlayStation Move Controller."

What caused you to choose the visual style you did in the level?
"3D Pong always reminds me of grid patterns, and vector graphics in one color."

What is your favorite thing about LBP2?
"The Creators community, their support, and competition ;]"

Thank you so much ShadowriverUB for giving me feedback on this amazing level you created. Keep on making great levels.
Also to all my viewers, readers and subscribers be sure to check out this weeks video if you haven’t already and thank you for all of your support.

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