The 1 year Anniversary of the Puppet Hound Z Show.

We finally made it through one full year of the Puppet Hound Z Show. Some people said we couldn't do it, others said we would make fools of ourselves (ie. we mission accomplished.), others said curse words to us, and more than 414 viewers subscribe and loved us.

In honor of such a great acomplishment this week Puppet Hound Z and I are proud to announce some amazing updates to our channel. We've created a new updated intro with the help of a amazing artist named on PSN as: SnowOrchid. Snow Orchid kindly made Puppet Hound Z an amazing artist rendering of Z in comic form. This artwork was then incorporated into a new intro design that is seen on this weeks video and subsequent videos here on out.

Snow Orchid also was kind enough to allow us to give you viewers a full HD wallpaper of Puppet Hound Z in this art style:
Please be aware this won't download on a mobile device only on a PC. For mobile device downloading click on the image.
Click here for Wallpaper Download.

Click here for Alternate Wallpaper

On this very blog your reading on there have been some banner changes to the top title banner of this website blog. Along with the profile picture of Z on You-tube and banner art on YouTube will be updated every once and a while.

Finally here is the big meat of this week post. This anniversary marks a very special montage of the best parts of each episode this year. Please check it out and have epic fun laughing with Puppet Hound Z.

If you saw an episode you liked on this weeks full year montage check out this link for the full Puppet Hound Z Show play list.

Thank you all 414+ subscribers for your support.

with respect and thanks,

Announcer Guy
Puppet Hound Z Show Creator