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Cosmic Crossfire is a 2D twin stick shooter level created by: Grant1893 also known as GMoneyProductions29 on He runs a full fledged PS3 gaming channel that’s currently a full fledged partnered channel. And yet, Grant of GMoneyProductions29 was nice enough to give Puppet Hound Z and me a exclusive interview on his level Cosmic Crossfire - Twin Stick Shooter.

Read the full interview below and after the interview, check out this weeks video featuring his level in detail with our thoughts on this really fun Super Stardust HD inspired level Cosmic Crossfire.

Interview follows below:

What inspired you to make a 2D level such as Cosmic Crossfire?
Super Stardust HD is one of the most enjoyable games I've ever played, so that was the biggest inspiration. Once I played Blast Radius though and realized it was actually possible on LBP2, I knew I had to do a twin-stick shooter, and I knew I had to do it better than anyone else (at least, better from my perspective).

What was the biggest challenge you encountered while making Cosmic Crossfire?
Very early in development, I had great difficulty trying to properly integrate weapon upgrades. The system I use now is very simple, but before I had discovered the easy way, I was doing it the VERY overly difficult and complex way. It involved counters, tag sensors, timers, and all sorts of other perplexing logic. I spent days drawing up and mapping out these logic systems, and ultimately it was a waste. The other major problem, that probably ended up changing Cosmic Crossfire for the better, was when I first tried using comishguy67's custom soundtrack in the level. The sound lag was unbearable, and it truly ruined the game. Long story short, I rebuilt and redesigned the entire game from scratch, with the 2D retro style you see in the level now. We unfortunately had to chop out some nice subtle sounds in his music too.

How did you manage to get such responsive solid ship controls?
It was honestly pretty easy. I just spent a day or two messing with the logic, and it worked out quite well. At one point I actually had rumble integrated into the level. Unfortunately, doing that requires bouncing and slapping sackboy around in a cage, which often led to him being squished, or thrown out of the level. It was a cool idea, but it ultimately sacrificed more than it was worth.

Why did you choose a Single player approach?
Multi-player wasn't ever really considered. Single player was always the direction I was headed in, and throwing in more players is more work than you'd think. The thermometer is about to explode as it is sometimes, and the sound is always on the brink of lagging, so it wasn't really an option even if I wanted to include it.

You’re visual style is very colorful and exciting in the level compared to other 2D shooter levels, what caused you to go with this approach?
It was mostly the fact that comishguy's soundtrack created so much lag. Originally CC looked much more like Blast Radius, everything was made of real materials and objects. For whatever reason though, perhaps the breadth of objects on screen and their physics interacting, it was too much for the game to handle. From a game-play perspective however, enemies often got caught on each other in really awkward ways. Despite that I didn't want to do a 2D retro style, I knew it was best for the game, and I ended up being very happy about the change.

What Download-able Content packs did you use to make this level?
None as far as I can remember. Everything in the level is made out of holographic materials, which is included for everyone who has LBP2, and I think the same applies to the sound effects I used.

Why was the choice made to start players without any power-ups, rather than with at least one of each: shield and Shock-wave to give a player an understanding of the power-up?
That's an interesting point. Perhaps it would've been better to do it that way, but it wasn't really a conscious decision I don't think. I wanted the level to be difficult, and I wanted to make it in a way where dedicated players could really learn the ins and outs of the game to help them achieve a high score, so that may have unintentionally factored into that decision.

How did you encounter comishguy67 to make you’re sweet soundtrack for your level?
I had experimented with the music sequencer for hours on LBP2, and I actually did use my own music at one time... but, it wasn't really that good, and I knew there were some very talented people out there. So I went on YouTube, found some of comishguy's videos, and thought he'd be a good choice. When he actually made the soundtrack though, he blew me away. He captured the dark, frantic and yet light hearted sounds of space, and I'm very glad I found him.

What is your favorite thing about Little Big Planet 2 and its community?
My favorite thing about LBP2 is that it is like a network for inspired creators who otherwise, don't have the tools necessary to actually create. Not everyone has the time, nor the patience to learn how to make a video game, myself included. My favorite thing about the community is the sort of friendly competition that drives peoples ambitions forward constantly. For example when I play someones level and it blows me away, I now feel the need to improve my level, and that's vital to the growth in quality we see from the communities levels.

Do you have any plans for future levels or a Cosmic Crossfire 2?
I've always got new ideas for LBP2 levels. Even when I'm busy just getting started on one project, I'll already be planning on another. Cosmic Crossfire 2 is actually well underway for a November release (if things go smoothly), and I'm planning on it being the last in the series. It'll take all the concepts and ideas in the first game, perfect and expand upon them, as well as adding some very cool visual effects that Cosmic Crossfire 1 completely lacked. After that, I've got stuff planned but it's still on the drawing board, and I've even got some projects that won't be published to the LBP2 servers. Can't say exactly what it is, but if you've seen the "Inception LittleBigPlanet 2 Trailer" I made on YouTube, which is also featured on Game Informer's website, that will at least give you an idea of whats coming in a couple of weeks. Thanks for featuring my level!

No problem Grant1893. It’s been a great pleasure to be able to interview you and feature you action packed retro arcade style level: Cosmic Crossfire. Keep on making great levels.

As a side note to all readers keep an eye out for Grant1893 and his release of Cosmic Crossfire 2 on the Little Big Planet 2 community. Be sure to check out this week episode displaying Cosmic Crossfire in action and feel free to check out Grant1893’s YouTube channel: GmoneyProductions29.

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