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This weeks Little Big Planet 2 creator level spotlight goes to: Eazig, a creative Little Big Planet creator based in London, England. He created an amazing level called: Flowtation (1 Player- Only). Flowtation is a level about a jellyfish that is in search for his friends through a puzzle based maze of caves. Sounds simple enough, but no Eazig went as far as creating an amazing colored tadpole-like pod puzzle system with a soothing art-style in the likes of: Limbo or Braid.

We were able to do a video commentary review on his level and even given the privilege of interviewing Eazig on PlayStation Network email. The interview follows below:

Who are you?
I'm a guy who lives in London.

What Inspired you to make Flowtation?
Strangely the inspiration came from listening to the Grand Turismo 5 soundtrack, it was on shuffle and it changed to Ave Maria classical, and I just imagined a level that would suit that music. A jellyfish was the first thing to pop into my head.

Originally, the jellyfish was going to have tentacles and the aim was to make it across the map, but as you hit the tentacles on stuff they would shorten. You would also have to avoid hitting your fish friends, which would have made them die and float up to the surface, awesome.

What was the most challenging thing you encountered while creating the level?
The most challenging thing was the pod selection system, I'll have to take a snapshot for you, but it was complex. Originally you could only call one color to you at a time, and only deactivate all at once. But, after it got Mmpicked, I decided to redesign the whole setup so you could activate and deactivate them however you liked.

What is the idea behind the 3 different colored drops or pod in your level?
Simple, Pikmin for Game Cube. I love Pikmin and recently borrowed it from my brother, so i guess it was fresh in my mind as I started Flowtation and so it had to be incorporated in the level somehow. I like to push how far I can take the logic in Little Big Planet 2, and this was a challenge I couldn't refuse. 
In the original build there were multiple colours, that is, some ares you would needed two yellow, and three reds. But, I changed it to just one of each to keep it simple for the player.

Is there any symbolic meaning to be had in the level (ie. LIMBO, Braid)?
No, there is no deep meaning behind the level, just the idea that you are a lone young jellyfish trying to find your way out of the caves to where the others are. Some peoples comments sound like they found it deep, so that’s cool. I guess it was a little Limbo-ish, Limbo's wicked by the way.

How long did it take to make Flowtation?
It took 2 months on and off, but sometimes I wouldn't touch it for days simply because I like to wait for ideas to pop up, and play Pikamin, until I had to give it back.

Do you have any advice to share with other Little Big Planet creators with regard to making a great level?
My advice would be to build something you'd like to play again and again, that’s where the motivation comes from. I wouldn't aim for a masterpiece right off the bat. Just try out stuff in an empty create mode to get ideas. If you have a great idea during the day, write it down. Get inspiration from old classics, there are loads of great ideas you can manipulate into LBP levels. Try something new and fresh rather than something that many have already done in the LBP community. The main thing is just to enjoy creating and messing around with ideas.

Do you have any epic plans for future levels in Little Big Planet 2?
I have no plans for future levels yet, but I do help in the community. I’m currently working on a level with ShadowFlareX that's gonna be so awesome.

Any Behind the Scenes level secrets?
There are hidden mini-games in Flowtation:
1. To the right of the sunken Submarine, look for a cave with a golden leaf.
2. In the sub-level, at the first Three colored gates puzzle there is a cave to the left, again it has a golden leaf.
Up to you if you want to play them, but they are worth checking out.
As you can see Eazig has put a lot of heart into his level, even going as far as using feedback from his playing fans to create a more enriched experience for players. I myself would have loved to have seen the puzzle element taken further, but as you read Eazig tailored his level to please a much bigger audience, YOU, which is a good thing because now he’s on MmPicks and recognized for his amazing talent.

We thank you Eazig for the fun experience of being able to interview you through PlayStation Network. Like Puppet Hound Z and me have said before, keep on making great levels and content.

I would also as always like to thank all my subscribers (over 400 at the writing of this article) for your kind and loving support and don’t forget to check out this weeks episode featuring Flowtation (1- Player) by: Eazig.

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