The Future of Gaming Part 3

So I've been talking about Cloud gaming, cross platform play and how various gaming companies have been changing the social, gaming and technology we've been seeing in the past few years (Late 2009 to 2011).
As I have mentioned in part two, there is a company that is taking cloud internet storage and gaming to a whole new level. This company is known as: Onlive.

What is Onlive?

Onlive takes the gaming experience to a whole new level, by making it available on TV (for a fee to buy the gaming device), PC, MAC, Android, Ipad, and other mobile devices. Cross-platform play is included and supported by Onlive, and it's strictly a cloud based internet service.

What do I mean by cloud based internet service only?

Well, you don't need a high-end PC to play games with their service. You just need a internet connection with a mouse and keyboard setup to interface with a virtural PC, via. the internet. The HD picture is sent from their servers and then seen by you through a live stream, similar to YouTube broadcasting live. Also video game settings and saves are all stored on the virtual account you make. This is done so that you can access the game on the internet from any computer right where you left off.

I personally think Onlive has it's benefits, and flaws just like any gaming distributor on the internet. It's flawed because you're going to have lag (very little) between you, and the server in some cases (mostly multi-player games you will notice this). Also, you're limited by how fast your internet speed is in you're home. Which is why I think they are working on making HD video stream better. But, slower internet will mean sub-par picture (ie. No HD in some cases).

Fast internet on the other hand, you'll have OK, 1080p HD compressed video, not perfect. This means that video will obviouslly look like, Youtube HD 1080p, or 720p video. But the nice thing is that all the video is sent to you're TV through HDMI and in 5.1 surround sound Dolby Digital compressed audio. The HDMI could lead their service into giving you better video quality in the future. But for now their is a lot of distortion in the video quality on slow internet connections; meaning that there are a lot of blurry, blocky pixels, making the picture look pixelated when you pan the screen or low quality picture, non-HD.

I personally have a sub-par internet speed through COX (3Mbps). That's the bare minimum requirement by Onlive to use their cloud gaming service. Is this good? Yes, because it allows low speed internet users to be able to play games with a slow internet to their computer. Which means that Android and IPad users will be able to utilize gaming on their handheld device in the future.

So in the end Onlive's gaming service is the most extreme in cloud gaming, and may evolve into ultimate gaming service if they fix their visual quality and laggy response bugs. This is a cool gaming option none the less, similar to Steam's gaming service, but way more extreme. So keep an eye on Onlive and do some reaseach about it on their official website: