Tree House Euphoria (WIP) by: ZHX1138 - Little Big Planet 2 Community C...

This week we’re featuring a level that’s currently a work in progress. The level is currently code named: Tree House Euphoria, created by: Puppet Hound Z and me Announcer Guy (Series Creator).

The concept of the level is to create a beautiful artistic level that’s based on the jungle, and dream like tree houses. We were inspired to make this level like this due to Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and it’s amazing jungle scenery. The ideas of tree houses came about as a result of green architecture, since announcer guy is architect. Plus, with hint from Star Wars Return of the Jedi Endor Ewoks’ tree houses.

So please take a look at this week episode and leave comments, tips and helpful suggestions as to how I can progress this level to completion. I’ll be sure that if any idea is big enough to give you community credit for helping with my level design and for being part of the Puppet Hound Z community. I want to make this level both fun for you, and me.

Also, next week’s episode will mark the first complete year that I’ve been doing Puppet Hound Z since October 19, 2010. So in honor of this fun anniversary I’m going to do a funny and epic montage of every episode to this year mark with my fun epic music. There will also be some updates to the intro logo that I hope you will like.

Thank you all 406 plus subscribers for your support,

Announcer Guy
ZHX1138- YouTube/PSN
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