A2K Pinball by: DJAndy2K- Little Big Planet 2 Creator Spotlight/review- PHZ

I've been wanting to feature a pinball level for a long time. Here are some of the problems as to why I've taken so long to decide on a good one.

Many pinball levels are really intricate and too big to actually have a action packed and balanced experience. Others are way to popular just because they some how got noticed for being the first to create a decent pinball machine.

While on the other hand, Puppet Hound Z and me are looking for somthing totally based on originality and intricate detail, but not over the top in size, by being too spread out, to even try.

In this search we found DJAndy2K spoken as "Dee Jay Andy 2K". Andy created a level called: A2K Pinball. A2K Pinball is a fun and original pinball machine in Little Big Planet 2 that's uniquely based on DJAndy2K's platforming levels.

Below is are brief exclusive interview with DJ Andy as to some behind the scenes design concepts that he encountered.

What inspired you to make a Pinball level out of your adventure platform levels?
Well back in February, I purchased Marvel Pinball from the PlayStation Store and I got addicted to it. *Laughs Out Loud* Then once I got my head around LBP2's logic, I thought I would make a Pinball game and use my platform story levels because I’m proud of my creations.

What is the biggest challenge you encountered while creating A2K Pinball?
The overall look of the table ramps, bumpers, and, etc.

How long did it take to make A2K Pinball?
About a month before I first published it.

What was the idea behind the pinball missions?
*Laughs* To be honest I’m not sure, ideas just pop in my head.

I’ve played a lot of Pinball levels on Little Big Planet and there are a lot of levels that way too big and intricate for their own good. How did you manage to find such an enjoyable balance in size and detail?
Hmm, *thinks for a second*. Well, I just wanted to make it a simple level with-out losing the elements that make it a Pinball game.

How did you manage to prevent the level from becoming lagging like a lot of other Pinball levels?
I’m not really sure, I just made what came to my imagination and everything just came together.

Are their any secrets besides Jo-Face’s Club multi-ball, Wynne Man Windup, Flawless Frenzy and The Temple?
Not at this moment, but I’m always upgrading it and I'll probably add sum secret stuff in the future.

What inspired you to make the Jo-Face multi-ball pinball section a mixture of a brick breaker too?
There was a old arcade game I use to play where you hit a ball with a paddle to break colored bricks, but I forgot what it was called. But, when you throw in 10 pinballs, you have a fun time.

I had a hard time Unlocking the tomb. Do you have any suggestions to hardcore players such as me on how you can unlock that mission, and would you be willing to tell us what it unlocks?
*Laughs again* All I can advise is just keep playing. Like traditional Pinball games completing the main missions unlocks the final mission. The final mission is a three ball challenge against Super Mark a future character in the A2K Adventures.

Is their any symbolic meaning behind any of the missions, besides it being based on your platform levels?
Well, the characters are based on my friends, so if anything they are my muse.

What’s your favorite thing about the Little Big Planet Community?
The great original ideas that Little Big Planet creators bring, but I think copied levels, and Heart for Heart spoils it a tad.
Thank you for playing my levels, I’m very flattered that you want to show my work on your YouTube channel. I shall be looking forward to seeing it.

Again many thanks,

No problem Andy. It's an pleasure as always to be able to interview and feature levels by such talented creators on Little Big Planet 2. Thank you Andy.

Be sure to check out this weeks episode of Puppet Hound Z and his spotlight featuring A2K Pinball in the video below. Also, thank you all 420 subscribers it's people like you that I keep on doing this show.

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