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Steam Punk: Sunset City is a single, or multi-Player artistic and challenging platforming level by: Calyst_aayla. The level has really beautiful lighting, and level design. Puppet Hound Z and I were honored with the ability to interview Calyst_aayla (spoken: Kaah-list aa-laa). She was incredibly nice in the interview and gave us a really in-depth look at the creation of SteamPunk: Sunset City.

Take a look at the brief interview below on the behind the scenes creation of Steam Punk: Sunset City and the game-play video review of he level below:

1. What inspired you to make Steampunk: Sunset City level?
Hmm, this is a hard question to answer, the inspiration to create this level had to be music and the fact that Blanchrocker and I were in create mode just playing with materials and lighting, this is going back a while though. I started the level in Little Big Planet 1 and it had sat on my moon for a while after the first area had been made, lighting and music had been chosen. One day while in Little Big Planet 2, I decided to go back through the stuff on my moon and found the beginning of this level and decided to finish it.

2. What influenced, or inspired your beautiful art style for the level (ie. Limbo, Braid, Mario, Art, Movies)?
As with most of my levels, music and nature has to be a big inspiration for me, plus my amazing friends. I usually just start creating randomly and ideas just come to me and they usually end become a level, costume, sticker, etc. The inspiration for sunset city is nature mostly, and Greece believe it or not. I remember as a child seeing the windmills on the ridge lines and thought they were beautiful. So, the windmills have ended up in the level. The city itself is suppose to be a living organic city of tree type islands.

3. How long did it take to make Steampunk: Sunset qCity?
It took about 6 months to finish sunset city because it sat on my moon for a long time, plus all the play testing and actual creating.

4. What was the biggest challenge you encountered while creating Steampunk and why was this a challenge?
The biggest challenge had to be the cogs that you use the grappling hooks on, they tend to kill you a lot. and some of the logic, because I'm still learning the logic for Little Big Planet 2, and the cogs were challenging because i couldn't figure out how to make them not kill people.

5. How did you come up with the ideas for the puzzles and were there any problems that you encountered while creating them?
Well the puzzles sorta evolved along with the level. The grappling chain bit use to be uphill instead of its now current state. I kept getting complaints that at the slant it was too hard to grapple. So I changed it.

6. Is there any symbolic meaning behind the level and it's amazing artistic atmosphere?
Symbolic meaning, hmm, well the symbolism is suppose to be serenity and peacefulness, and the mixing of steam-punk and nature.

7. How did Blanchrocker fall into place in helping you create the level?
Well, Blanchrocker helped inspire the starting of the level, and helped me make the beginning and made the really good 3d elements, and also helped me by testing the level after the majority of the level had been made. Along with a few other friends who helped a bit with logic, and a friend who made the airship island for me.

8. What is your favorite thing about Little Big Planet 2?
My favorite thing about Little Big Planet 2, is the fact that you can create anything that your imagination can come up with. I love the heart and soul that creators put into their levels, I love making new friends and creating and playing creations by the community. ^_^

9. What future levels do you have planned for the future?
Well, I have a steam-punk series that I'm working on slowly. A movie that may come out in the future. A few costume levels, including a .hack//cell costume level. Plus whatever else pops into my head and I decide to create.

10. Any other behind the scenes secrets you would like to share about Steampunk: Sunset City?
Hmm, lets see, the airship in the level is mostly made out of decors. The airship island is called Satnav Island after my friend who created the island for me.
Thanks for choosing me to interview. It really made my day ^_^.
Steam Queen

No problem it's a great honor to add another creative girl to my amazing list of great little big planet creators. Yes people girls make awesome and amazing levels just like anybody else in the world of Little Big Planet 2.

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