The Mirage Volcano Las Vegas Resort Tour- Episode 54- Puppet Hound Z.

This weeks episode features a beautiful tour of the Las Vegas Mirage Casino and Resort Volcano Experience. Puppet Hound Z gives you a informative tour and history of the beautiful man made strip front fire blazing experience at the Mirage.

The Volcano, originally created in 1989, is a man made volcano that has been re-designed and reborn in December 8, 2008. It was remade to bring back the hype and iconic nature that was lacking at the time when was merely a simple artificial volcanic eruption experience.

The Mirage Volcano redesign was collaborative creation with newly created fireball visual effects that shoot up to twelve feet high. These fire effects were designed by: Fountain’s of Bellagio design team: WET. The volcanic fire-ball visuals were synchronized and enhanced to music by: Grateful Dead Grammy Award-winner Mickey Hart, and Indian music sensation Zakir Hussein.

To preview this amazing attraction in action check out the video tour with Puppet Hound Z below:

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