Uncharted 3's Richard Lemarchand loves Minecraft, a Interview @ Minecon 2011 - Puppet Hound Z

Minecon 2011 was probably the most fun I’ve had all year with regard to doing the Puppet Hound Z show. On Saturday November 19, 2011, I was walking right around the time the Curse booth were announcing the winners of their Diamond Deposit Scavenger Hunt. At the time I was sort of getting claustrophobic around that mob of Minecraft fans waiting for their winning names to be called. The Curse booth was in the process of announcing winners through a loud PA system, so I figured if they called my name I would definitely hear it, so instead I got out of that crowd and walked around.

Just then as I was walking away from the Curse booth, I heard a loud cheer from the Indie Theater. In the Indie Theater at Minecon they were displaying a game called: Jesus vs. Dinosaur, a game where Jesus battles Darwin for supreme ruler-ship. I noticed that the Jesus vs Dinosaur team were performing some sort of competition among the Minecrafters that were sitting there. At first I wasn’t really interested at, but then I noticed a familiar gentleman playing the game!

Could it be? I said to myself no, no, no, that’s just my imagination there are a lot of people that could look similar to him, and maybe my mind is playing tricks on myself. But no, he looked a lot like a developer from Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. Now, I couldn’t recall his name, but I did know he did a few interviews for Uncharted 3.

I pulled out my Ipod touch 4g and looked for the interview, then after searching Naughty Dog.com and countless other websites, I found it! His name is Richard Lemarchand- Co-lead Game Designer for Uncharted 3. But, I didn't just want to approach him with the notion that he might be just sombody that had his likeness, so I opened up my Twitter app on Ipod touch and typed in his name. I figured at the time that if it really was Mr. Lemarchand that he would have some tweets regarding Minecon.

This is the tweet I found as I was trying to make sure it was him and not my imagination:
Check out his twitter here.

It was Richard Lemarchand - Co- Lead Game Designer of Uncharted 3!

So I waited patiently to gather my thoughts to ask him for a brief interview about Uncharted 3. After waiting about 10 minutes he started to leave. So I kindly approached him and asked him respectfully if he worked on Uncharted 3. He said yes. So I asked him if I could get a brief interview with him about Uncharted. But, he wanted to talk about Minecraft. So I figured, sure OK, I didn't want to make him feel uncomfortable since I knew he was on vacation from working on Uncharted 3.

As a result I've gotten a exclusive Minecon Interview with Richard Lemachand of Naughty Dog.

Above is the amazing interview Puppet Hound Z did with Mr. Richard Lemarchand - Co-Lead Game Designer for Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception. I hope you enjoy it, and now you know that Uncharted 3's Co-Lead Game Designer is a big fan of Minecraft! We also discuss briefly something interesting about Minecraft as real world tool for teaching.

Thank you so much Richard Lemarchand for the opportunity to meet you and do this brief interview. It was really cool.

And also to my subscribers thank you to all 433+ subscribers for your support to this point.

with thanks to all,

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Update 11/24/2011: I found out from Mr. Lemarchand that the Naughty Dog mascot is a French bull dog. Just thought I share that extra thought.