Wolfgirl, Zelda & Costume Contestants- Minecon 2011 - Puppet Hound Z

So on my first day at Minecon 2011 I knew there was going to be a Costume contest. But, I never thought the contest would be that fun even though Z and I were not in it. There were such amazing creative costumes created by really talented Minecrafters.

One pair of Minecrafters caught my attention, it was a son and his father dressed in greed plaid suit jackets, glasses that had metal mesh attached to it to look like a creeper face. The father and son team (they have been called: Double Creepers) even had their faces and hair colored green to make themselves look like plaid suited Creepers. The Double Creepers even went as far as to make white balloons attached with pipe cleaners to make a ghast, which they then would walk around with as if the ghasts were following them. I really thought these two costumed Minecrafters would win due to their creativity. But alas they didn't and the winning title went to five other costumed contestants.

I learned from CraftyMinecrafter in a video that even thought they didn't win they were selected to represent all the parents and children that play Minecraft together as a family and eat lunch with Notch on the Saturday lunch. Which I'm truly happy the Double Creepers were able to eat with Notch, it made me smile that they were able to be recognized for their team work, and talent as a family that plays Minecraft together.

But with regard to the actual winners of the Minecraft Costume contest, there were five winners ranking in 1st to 5th place. I was able to make a brief video montage featuring some costumed Minecrafters, including the double creepers in suit,s and four of the five winners of the costume contest. I even got a exclusive clip with the 1st place winner known by many as: the Wolf Girl.

Check out the amazing Costume Montage of Minecrafters below. Puppet Hound Z even has a few funny moments at Minecon that he shares too:

Minecraft Costume Contest Winners:

  • 1st place: Wolfgirl (aka. CraftyMinecrafter)
  • 2nd place: Skeleton Girl
  • 3rd place: Giant Minecraft Link
  • 4th place: Enderman
  • 5th place: Shining Princess Creeper (Not in my montage that well.)
(Information Courtesy of CraftyMinecrafter)

Thank you CraftyMineCrafter aka Wolfgirl for allow me to do a brief video clip with you for the Puppet Hound Z Show and also wanted to congratulate everyone for making such cool Costumes at Minecon. 

Plus, I want to thank all 444 subscribers for your support. All of you help make Puppet Hound Z Show what it is today.

with thanks to all,

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