Bebopvox, HaatFilms and other YouTubers @ Minecon 2011- Puppet Hound Z Show

Minecon 2011 was such a treat and privilege. I'm still to this day going to thank my family for allowing me the funds to go. I was also able to meet some of the most talented YouTubers that love Minecraft and make great video content.

I was one of the many who was introduced to Minecraft Mondays the same week of Minecon on November 2011 when IGN featured it on their YouTube channel. I took a look and was really intrigued by Bebop Vox's energy and knowlege of finding such amazing Minecraft news and community content. So I subscribed to him with the plans to maybe meet him at Minecon. Which I briefly did at the Video Editing conference at Minecon.

The Video editing conference at Minecon was designed to help YouTubers to learn about the tools and software used to edit videos for a YouTube channel. I knew most of the basics myself, but I went with the expectation to learn a few tips here and there. At this brief conference I met, Bebopvox aka. Keith Stienbach along with, KGhaleon and Joe Hills. Since I really wanted to widen out my YouTube friendships, I asked Bebopvox if he would like to do a brief video clip for a episode of Puppet Hound Z. Which he kindly agreed to do for me and it was fun. I even exchange contact information with Joe Hills and KGhaleon.

In another conference geared to becoming a YouTube partner entitled: YouTube 101. I got to meet Dave from the YouTube Channel: DadsRfunny he runs a YouTube channel with his daughter Mary, and friends. Dave was really nice and he gave me a really cool poster that's based off of real mines in New Mexico, which also contains their YouTube information. And since they love Minecraft I thought it was really cool that they merged real mining with the virtual mining in Minecraft.

Also, in this same Conference I met TJ of the YouTube Channel: MyselfOverwhelmed. His motto on YouTube is "Hightly Edited videos for Maximum Hilarity". Which in fact it is really funny and intense. We also got to exchange cards widing out our YouTube contacts.

Now later in the day I waited in the longest line known to man for the meet up and Autograph line for the Mojang team. While I was waiting for three hours HaatFilms came to the line to meet with fans. The Co-owner of HatVentures known as Ross Hornby aka. djh3max was there so I patiently waited to do video clip with him too. HatFilms is known for doing the Minecraft 1.8 trailer, the official Minecon opening video and closing video along with many other videos directly with Mojang team (the creators of Minecraft is Mojang).

All these Amazing YouTubers are featured in this weeks episode of Puppet Hound Z, be sure to check it out and subscribe as Puppet Hound Z actually met and collaborated with some in brief video clips. It was truly a great honor to meet such talented creators in person. Thank you to: Bebopvox, HatFilms, KGhaleon and all the other amazing YouTubers for their kindness and generousness at Minecon 2011.

Also to all of my Subscribers I would like to thank all of my recent subscribers that have helped me to get to 450 viewers.

And like HatFilms always says.
Good Day,

Announcer Guy
Creator of the Puppet Hound Z Show.