Cosmic Crossfire 2 by: Grant1893 - Little Big Planet 2 Community Creator Interview Spotlight - PHZ

Grant1893 is a amazing level creator on Little Big Planet 2 and a great You Tuber too. He's also known by the YouTube community as GmoneyProductions29 a amazing gaming you-tuber that works under Pixel Enemy. He's made a level called: Cosmic Crossfire: Twin Stick Shooter a level which I've interview Grant for prior in the year on Episode 52 of the Puppet Hound Z Show.

Grant1893 mentioned earlier in his previous interview that he was working on the sequel to his amazing level Cosmic Crossfire, entitled: Cosmic Crossfire 2. Now, Grant contacted me via YouTube message that he finally released Cosmic Crossfire 2 and wanted me to take a look at it and may I say that it's an amazing level and truly polished successor to Comic Crossfire. So after playing it I wanted to do somthing different similar to what I did with Zombie956 of Zombie Town on the tour.

So I made arrangements with Grant1893 to do a exclusive Skype interview on his level Cosmic Crossfire 2 featured below, I hope you enjoy the video and interview. Please note it's quite longer than my typical episodes on the Puppet Hound Z Show, but I hope you will watch the whole video as it's contains a very educational and entertaining look at Grant1893's Cosmic Crossfire 2.

After you're done watching the video check out these amazing links to his YouTube channel and the Cosmic Crossfire 2 level. Be sure to add it to your Little Big Planet 2 Queue and like it, heart it and most importantly PLAY IT!

Cosmic Crossfire 2 on

GmoneyProductions29's YouTube channel:

Grant1893's Little Big Planet level page:

Cosmic Crossfire 2 music creator Comishguy67’s channel here:

Thank you Grant1893 for allowing me the privelege to interview you on Skype as you mark the first LBP creator that I've actually interviewed on Skype.

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