Minecon 2011- Z's Final Thoughts along with Indie-games and Mojang sessions - Puppet Hound Z

Minecon 2011 contained so many things besides meeting Mojang, YouTubers and other developers. The convention contained many informative panels and conferences such as the Opening ceremony where everyone at Minecon was given a chance to get a picture of all the panels and evolution of the game along with the official release of Minecraft 1.0.0.

Then there were panels that included: The Mojang Panel where Mojang featured Cobalt and Scrolls which if you watch the video below you will see why it was epic. Followed by the Developers Panel where the Mojang team talks about how the game was designed and created with regard to the code and concepts used. I unforgivably skipped the YogsCast Panel which at the time I had no clue who was YogsCast and I was also in line buying a Minecon T-shirt at the super long JINX line. Then I went to the closing ceremony where it was just merely a wrap-up of thanks from the Mojang team.

Now with regard to smaller panels I went to both the YouTube 101 panel and the Video Editing Panel. In both of those panels I got to meet some really amazing YouTubers that you saw in previous episodes of Puppet Hound Z, if you want to know what I learned check out the video below. But the conference that I really felt I missed out on was the Education Conference on how Minecraft can be used to help teach kids Architectural concepts along with helping children with disabilities. I really was sort of disappointed with going to the Video Editing conference because a lot of stuff I already knew as a YouTuber and film maker. Meeting Bebopvox, Kghaleon and Joe Hills made up for the fact that I missed the Education panel though.

Plus at Minecon they had a booth for Indie-Game Developers like the Closure game that's coming out for PS3, Airmech and Influence  (which I think stinked find out why in the video) along with countless others. That's how I got to meet Mr. Lemarchand of Naughty Dog. But, regarding the amazing artistic games featured at that booth check out this weeks episode as I cover two really interesting developers (Closure and Influence) in my video of Puppet Hound Z.

All in all I had a amazing educational experience at Minecon I got to widen out my Minecraft friendships and I got to learn so much at the Developers Panel. Thank you to all 463+ subscribers for your support and help. Please share my show with your friends if you haven't already.

Also in my video I feature links to all the content from Minecon if you wish to feel like you went there.

best regards,

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