Notch, Jeb & others from: Minecraft, Cobalt and Scrolls @ Minecon 2011 - Puppet Hound Z

Minecon 2011 has all of the creator of Minecraft there and they even spent a lot of time meeting fans and talking with them at least briefly. Not to mention giving out hundreds of Autographs to fans of all ages.

Regarding autographs some people have called Minecon, "LineCon". Why? There were so many lines it'a was ridiculous. But, the benifits were that many Minecrafters including myself got to meet other people and share the fun that Minecraft is with each other. That's how I was able to even tell people about what I do (ie. The Puppet Hound Z Show) on YouTube with regard to Minecraft and other cool things such as Little Big Planet 2, travel tours and etc.

While I was waiting in line I got to meet Ross Hornby of HATFilms as I mentioned in last weeks blog. But, the real treat was being able to meet other Minecrafters that I even got a chance to give cards to and they even asked for my Autograph, which was weird. Regarding autographs, I even had a fan come up to me really ecstatically to the point that I was shocked he was actually a fan, it was definitely a exciting experience that I never had before.

Then while I was waiting in line I got to meet Jens “JEB” Bergensten he's the Lead Designer of Minecraft and he now completely in charge of the project as of December 2011. We got to do a brief video clip together with Puppet Hound Z and JEB, it was fun. Then after another hour of waiting in line I got to meet: Jakob "JahKob" Porser  the Co-Founder of Mojang AB the company that invented Minecraft. Jakob is currently working on a game entitled: Scrolls a video game based on real life card games. It's definitely going to be a great strategy card game.

Then I got to meet Daniel "Vraket" Brynolf of Oxeye Game Studio, he's currently the lead designer working on Cobalt a fun 2D sci-fi robot adventure game that I'm really looking forward to playing. Mojang AB is publishing Cobalt in behalf of Oxeye Game Studio. I unfortunately didn't get great footage with Daniel to find out why make sure you watch the video in the article.

Now for the main event, I got to meet Notch aka. Markus Alexej Persson creator of Minecraft and founder of Mojang AB. I got to thank him in person with regard to making Minecraft and even filmed a brief clip of Puppet Hound Z thanking Notch himself. It was really fun and pleasure to meet him.

Then finally I got to meet Minecraft Chick aka. Lydia Winters - The Mojang Director of Fun. She's basically the PR for Mojang AB. She's really enthusiastic so, at the time I thought her name was "Hot Chick" because I kept on hearing the word "chick" thrown around when she was among fans. But, it was only after I did the brief video clip calling her Hot Chick that I realized I messed that up completely. If you want to see that mess up make sure you see the video attached to this article.

So all in all, meeting the Mojang team and a few others was probably the most epic experience next to meeting Mr. Richard Lemarchand of Naughty Dog at Minecon 2011.

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Minecraft for the Win!
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