Aeon Quest: Abduction by: CDubb024 - Little Big Planet 2 Creator Interview Spotlight - PHZ

Can Little Big Planet 2 really be used to teach children educational concepts? Well that’s what Cdubb024 aka. Scott Comstock wishes to prove in his amazing 20 level series entitled: Aeon Quest- Abduction.

Here is the Exclusive interview with CDubb024:

Aeon Quest: Abduction takes players on a 20 level 4 to 5 hour gaming journey in space to save the world from total destruction. Scott Comstock (aka. Cdubb024) was a winner of the Digital Media and Learning Competition where he was granted a Game Changers Award. This Digital Media and Learning Competition that Scott Comstock participated in was sponsored by: HASTAC and the MacArthur Foundation.

Taking over 2 years and with help from Little Big Planet 2 creator: Jaeyden, Aeon Quest attempts to teach players of all ages how to do math using the Vedic Sutra created in India. Vedic Mathmatics is a new way of learning math visually by breaking down the problem in to a pattern of steps, making a complex multiplication problem smaller  and more manageable. Be sure to watch the video interview above where a demonstration of this math concept is demonstrated and check out the link below to add Aeon Quest to your queue on your Little Big Planet 2 account:

Also here is are in-depth review of the video game series on LBP2:

I hope you all enjoy this weeks episode and I also would like to thank Scott Comstock for participating in this weeks interview episode of the Puppet Hound Z Show.

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