Embletini Interview, creator of The Rabbit and the Wrestler and More Little Big Planet 2 - PHZ

I had the pleasure of meeting Joe aka Embletini the creator of the Little Big Planet 2 renouned Rabbit and the Wrestler series, Bill and Hank, Roger the Clown Diaries, Change that Channel and Pandas on a Plane. He lives in Europe and We live on the West Coast of the USA, so the time difference was 8 hours ahead of me. This was a very challenging task to get a hold of him and arrange a time to interview him but we were able to do it and the video below is what resulted.

Here is a Direct Link to Embletini's Levels: http://lbp.me/u/Embletini

Here is the video I did last year:

But how did I manage to find Embletini’s levels? Well when I first started playing Little Big Planet 2 I found Embletini’s Rabbit and the Wrestler series. Last year I got permission to feature his Rabbit and the Wrestler series with special commentary by Puppet Hound Z. Embletini’s movies were in fact the very first videos we had the privilege of commentary on Puppet Hound Z Show. So as a result of doing these commentaries I figured Joe should be one of the first people I interview on this new Little Big Planet 2 interview series I’ve started.

So all in all I hope you enjoy this weeks video and I would like to thank all the new subscribers I’ve gotten as a result of MCSkin3D interview as I now reached 500 subscribers.

Regards thanks to all my viewers and subscribers,
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