MCSkin3D Creator Interview- Episode 63- Puppet Hound Z Show

MCSkin3D is a amazing Texture editing software designed to edit Minecraft Skins and potentially entire texture packs. Last week Puppet Hound Z reviewed Paril's amazing MCSkin3D Minecraft skinning tool in-depth.

But, Z wasn't satisfied with just a plan old review by itself. Nope, Z wanted to step it up and interview Paril himself, so after meeting each other on Minecraft's Official Forums we set a date and time to do the interview on Skype.
So after much trail, error and loss of thought Paril and Puppet Hound Z were able to record a interview for you to listen to with out being bored or confused. You may also get inspired to become a programer yourself such as Paril after see this weeks video.

Here is a link to Download and try out MCSkin3D:

Thank you for doing this amazing interview Paril and I also as always would like to thank my viewers and subscribers for you support. The YouTube and Minecraft Community is the bomb!

Announcer Guy