MCSkin3D - Skinning Program - Review - Episode 61 - Puppet Hound Z Show

MCSkin3D is a very powerful Skin Editor for Minecraft. I encountered it on Bebopvox’s Minecraft Mondays, but I felt the app needed a more in-depth review. Below is a Outline of various features of MCSkin3D. The Application is created by: Paril

Check it out on the official Minecraft Forums here:

Below is a brief outline of features of MCSkin3D:
  • Is a Minecraft Skin editor in the likes of a 3D and 2D texture editor. 
    • Paint on the 3D model 
    • Paint on the 2D map 
    • Hybrid- mode where you can see the edits on both the 3D and 2D map in real time
  • Automatic updates 
    • Direct Skin uploads to your account. 
    • Fetch current Skin from your account. 
  • Stream lined paint program mixed with nice standard photo-shop tools that are easily to learn and grasp 
    • Sort of like Windows paint program for a 3D Model. 
  • Skin manager portion of the program where you can create folders 
    • It also contains template skins and samples. 
    • Drag and drop skins in folders to organize and save all your skins. 
    • It’s a powerful skin manager never have to worry about where you’re skin are. 
  • You can turn off parts of the model so you can focus on painting on parts just by clicking on the body part buttons. 
  • Contains a nice set of painting tools like: 
    • Swatches with various sub categories 
      • RGBA and HSLA custom color palettes to find the perfect color. 
    • Clone entire skin model 
    • Increase / decrease resolution for those who like mods. (But they are irreversible so make sure you make a copy first for reference. 
    • Pencil with square and circle brushes, various sizes 
    • Eraser 
    • Dropper for selecting colors off model 
    • Dodge and burn 
    • Darken Lighten 
    • Fill Bucket 
    • Noise creates 3d depth. 
    • Screen shot tool 
    • Enviroment and model settings
    • Turning on or off parts of the model such as arms hats 
    • Transparency 
    • Environmental changes grass on off or sky color changes 
    • Keyboard shortcuts 
    • Painting tool tip on the bottom of the screen telling you what the buttons do. 
    • Undo/redo. 
To find out what we rated this application and why we like it be sure to watch the video below.

I’m also going to have the privelege of Interviewing Paril the creator of MC Skin 3D on next weeks episode, so stay tuned. Let me know if you want me to do a tutorial video on this program by leaving comment and thumbs upping this video.

Special Note: The software creator is constantly updating the software to the point so that you can edit every single texture on Minecraft in 3D just like this model.

I would like to thank all my viewers and subscribers for you kind and generous support.

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