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So when it comes to PC games the first thing that comes to mine is Valve and the Source Engine. Why? Because I love mods and the games that people create in the Mod community on a particular website called: ModDB. In fact the very reason I got into playing video games on the PC was the Mods on the Source Engine.

I was one of those people that purchased Portal and then discovered the amazing mods for that games graphics & software engine, a lot of these mods called for Half-Life 2 so I got that game merely for the Mods.

As I started to journey my way through various mods I discovered: Dear Esther which was created in 2007. At the time Dear Esther was a very artistic and experimental game that told a story in a very interpretive way. After playing that I discovered Korsakovia (made in 2009 made by the creator of Dear Esther) and many other Mods, but Dear Esther stayed with me because of the way the story was told.

About a year later from that point I learned that they were going to make Dear Esther into a full fledged purchasable game on Steam. So I was one of those that waited nearly another whole year for this game to be release again. Why? Because it has the most amazing interpretive story and that it was going to be rehauld in new graphics that would push the Source Engine to it's limits!

Check out the amazing review of Dear Esther below:

Dear Esther is created by: Dan Pinchbeck from The Chinese Room a indie game company located in University of Portsmouth in the United Kingdom. The game contains art and level design by Mirror's Edge Artist Robert Briscoe and music composition by: Jessica Curry.

Dear Esther takes players on a unique story telling journey where you explore a island in the outer Hibrides in search for the truth behind the secrets of the island and it's inhabitants. The game is stunning, poetic and emotional.

I also would like to conclude and thank all my viewers and subscribers for your amazing support.


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