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Updated 3/13/2016

Many viewers wanted to know how to add a video to their iOS device. These steps apply to any MP4 video you wish to add to a iOS: iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad.

Here are the steps to add a video to your iOS device.
If you wish to see a visual representation of this click and watch the video below as it will help way more than these steps written below.

This video will help more than the written directions:


  1. Make sure you know where the file is at and that the file is where you want to keep it.
    • 4th gen devices you can use a 720p mp4 file,
    • Older versions (1st-3GS) require 480p mp4 file.
    • iPad 2, iPhone 4S and newer devices you may download the 1080p MP4 file.
  2. Once located in the file folder you want, open iTunes with your iOS device connected.
  3. Add the video to your library on iTunes, by clicking on the file tab on the top left of iTunes and select the file in the appropriate file folder and then click "Select File"
  4. Go to your device on iTunes
  5. Click on the videos tab in the main window of iTunes
  6. Check mark the downloaded or appropriate video.
  7. Sync you iDevice by clicking "apply" on the bottom right corner.
  8. Once done you can unplug and watch the video on the device.
    • Note don't delete the file off you computer or the next time you sync the iOS device it will remove the video off of it.

Feel free to ask questions on tutorial video below if you wish for more tutorials to be made or if you have any questions about the steps mentioned here.

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