Minecraft in Real-life in Goodsprings, Old Nevada Mining District - Puppet Hound Z

Z and I (Announcer Guy) have been wanting to do a fun travel adventure where Z attempts to Mine in real life to see if Mining based on Minecraft is as easy as it looks. As a result we've found Goodsprings, Nevada which was home to a whole slew of Mines in Nevada. So in this weeks video we take a historical look at Goodsprings, Nevada while at the same time we attempt mining like in Minecraft.

Learn more about Goodsprings, Nevada.
Pioneer Saloon:
The Chiquita Mine:
Video Disclaimer:
Please note portions of this video have been staged for entertainment value. NEVER enter real mines or abandoned Mines in real life. REAL MINES ARE DEATH TRAPS!

Here is a brief summery of this weeks episode:
Can Minecraft apply to the real world? Find out on this hilarious and action packed educational episode of the Puppet Hound Z Show as Z goes to real mines in Goodsprings, Nevada. Z will attempt to teach you about some history about the historical mining town of Goodsprings while at the same time attempt to mine in real life and see if his ideas on mining work in the real world or if he’s just obsessed with Minecraft. The Chiquita Mine is featured in this video along with some amazing visual effects.

I hope you all enjoy this weeks episode as this is the most ambitious video featuring spectacular visual effects. Next weeks episode will expound upon how the Visual effects were created (Hint: Ipod Touch).

As a behind the scenes note this weeks video has been on the drawing board for about a Month prior to it's film and release. Our aim is to do a real life mine tour while at the same time make the episode an action/adventure for viewers to enjoy a bit more. Plus, we wanted to incorporate some of Z's local fans and friends into the episode so a lot of planning was needed.

Thank you to all 580+ subscribers for your amazing support, help and encouragement to keep on making great content on YouTube. These videos will continue to be a hallmark on my life as I continue to make videos in the future and even if I move on in the future.

with respect and thank,

Announcer Guy
Creator of the Puppet Hound Z Show