Action Movie FX - Tutorial & Review - Episode 74 - Puppet Hound Z

If any one wondered how I did last weeks visual effects for the Minecraft in Real Life episode last week (3/27/2012). I used a iOS Apple application created by: Bad Robot Interactive. It's called: Action Movie FX.

So today's video tutorial episode explains how this application works and how you can use Action Movie FX to make your own movies with special effects.

Here are some amazing links for Action Movie FX:

Check out today's amazing episode Tutorial & Brief Review of Action Movie FX.

Below are the tutorial steps explaining how to use the application for your own personal reference.
Note if the app crashes the best solution is to restart your iOS device due to the fact that it uses a lot of RAM on the iOS device.

Action Movie FX - Tutorial Steps:
  1. Open App and Select “Go”
  2. Pick a visual effect
  3. Film the shot in the target, usually having the horizon-line near the center of the target. Film must be more than 5 seconds. (This will require trial and error to get the shot just right.)
  4. Stop filming.
  5. Select the point on the timeline where you want the effect to start (usually when it’s most steady and on the target area.)
  6. Click “OK” and let the vid process. Usually takes the longest at the end of the clip as that’s where the effect will be added.
  7. Play the finished video to see if you like it, if not start over and film it again or edit the timing.
  8. If you like it save the video to your camera roll by saving it, email it or add it to face-book. Or take the video from the camera roll and add it to your favorite video editing tool to make a movie like the one you saw last episode.

Please take a look at the video above which contains the tutorial and the review in visual format. This can really help you get an idea as to how the app works.

If you wish to see the some amazing results using Action Movie FX check out last weeks episode here:

I also want to thank all 590+ subscribers for your amazing support you all have encouraged me to keep on making videos. Maybe one day this hobby can turn into a real job for me.

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