Closure - PS3 Game - Video Review - Episode 74- Puppet Hound Z

This week is a new unique review of a artistic puzzle platformer where light defines what exists as a solid object and darkness does what it does well, make things disappear. The game is called: Closure and it's designed specifically for the PS3 by EyeBrow Interactive a three man team including: Designer/Programmer - Tyler Glaiel, Animated and Art by: Jon Schubbe and Music Christopher Rhyne.

Check out their official website here: Closure Game

The game is revolutionary with its unique puzzle system which in fact has given the game numerous awards such as:
We originally learned about Closure at Minecon 2011. So as a result we were really eager to take a look at the finished PS3 product when it released. So below is are really fun and intuitive review of Closure. You may like it hate or just be curious about it but with out a doubt it's pretty unique indie game created by a three man team at EyeBrow Interactive.

I hope you enjoy the review as it's very unique experience to be able to see a game before it's released in person at a game convention followed by playing it in it's final release. Check out the in-depth review below:

Also if you're interested in seeing the video on Closure preview at Minecon 2011 take a look at the video below:

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