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This weeks episode focuses once again onto a Little Big Planet 2 Creator EaziG and the level series called: Lampoon Cave. It's a three part game that uses this really innovative tool called a Lampoon.

In the future I plan on interviewing EaziG on Skype for all of you to hear how he created this really amazing level. But for now here is Puppet Hound Z's review of the series as to why it's so cool and innovative of a Little Big Planet 2 level.

Here is his Little Big Planet 2 Levels:
Lampoon Cave 1:
Lampoon Cave 2:
Lampoon Cave 3:

EaziG' page:

Here is the video video review below:

We interviewed EaziG previously on his level: Flowtation, which was a Media Molecule pick or MM Pick, meaning the Little Big Planet 2 Developers recognized his creativity and put his level in a roster list of really special levels in Little Big Planet 2 community.

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