The Muppets Premium Level Kit - Review - Little Big Planet 2 DLC - PHZ

So in January 2012 I was suggested to review the Muppet Premium Level kit for Little Big Planet 2 by a personal friend of mine named "NoCookies4You". But at the time I was not interested as I was working an a few interviews with Little Big Planet 2 Community level creators such as Embletini, CDubb024 and MCSkin3D creator Paril.

Boy did I make a mistake in not review it. This level pack introduces a new game-play mechanic in a the form of a new building material and tool called: Attracto-O-Gel. Find out why we feel you missed out if you haven't at least purchased this DLC for Little Big Planet 2 Below:

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PS here are a few Bloopers from this weeks episode too. If you enjoy the bloopers leave a comment that you want to see one every week: