Steampunk New Twist (Series) by: Calyst_Aayla - Little Big Planet 2 Creator Interview Spotlight - PHZ

This week features an amazing interview with Steampunk crazy Little Big Planet 2 creator Calyst_Aayla. She’s known for her amazing work on Steampunk: Sunset City which we interviewed her about in 2011 prior to Minecon. She’s working on a Multi-level platformer on Little Big Planet 2 entitled: Steampunk New Twist. The series is currently still in production (as of this interview we show this week) and will feature some amazing things.

Behind the Scenes, I had a lot of fun being able to interview her she was really nice. In fact I messed up on the interview more than she did. You all will be able to see those bloopers this Thursday so keep an eye out for them. You will even get a behind the scenes look at how I record the Skype conversation with Calyst_Aayla. Also as a little cool factoid: Calyst_Aayla marks the first woman to be featured on the Puppet Hound Z Show using her voice on Skype. That was one of the reasons why I wanted to do the interview. I really feel that I needed to make video that stood out to girl viewers.

So check out the video below and I hope you get to learn really cool things about what LBP2 players have to look forward to when the Steampunk NEW TWIST Series is complete and don't forget to check out the cool links to Calyst's cool content below the video too.

Direct link to the level Steampunk NEW TWIST Part 1 into Couture City:

Check out Calyst_Aayla’s  Community levels on LBP2 page here:

Calyst_Aayla’s Second level page:

Caylst_Aayla’s other levels shown in this episode:
Calyst’s Custom Graffiti:
Steampunk: Sunset City
Calyst’s House on the Sea:

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Also here are the Bloopers for this episode: