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I've finally done it the first let's play on the Puppet Hound Z Show. It took a long time because I wanted to do a collaboration with renowned you-tuber MineCraft4Meh. I met MineCraft4Meh at Minecon 2011 he was part of the YouTuber panel which I mentioned about last year.

So we had a very hard time finding a good map. At first I wanted to play the Black House, which is a old map and had a lot of bugs do the Anvil update on Minecraft 1.2 and also because Minecraft4Meh didn't want to do such a old map. So it came down to the last minute where we found a map called: The Story of Gorgoth by Darkfard.

Here is the Plot Synopsis from the official Minecraft Forum by Darkfard:
"Some time travelers arrived in the year 1500.
When they find a mysterious skull they decide to get in, not thinking about all the dangers that are inside there...
Through the whole story they will discover secrets and other stuff...
But then a BIG secret gets discovered by us time travelers...
Is this the end of everything?"
Here is the Minecraft Adventure map " The Story of Gorgoth" Official Forum page:

Compared to most let's plays my aim is to make this Let's play cinematic. I've added numerous sound effects and music that I've composed so that this video can be really atmospheric, suspenseful and action packed. I even crafted a few cliff hanger endings that you all will get you on the edge of your seat I hope.

Now my plan is to release these episodes for the next few weeks so I can get ahead on a few interview projects. So this let's play will change the schedule for the next 2 weeks including this week. Each lets play will air on both Tuesday and Thursday for a total of 5 episodes. Following the final episode I may do a review of the map or just move on to a few regular episodes like interview, tours and reviews/spotlights.

So here is episode 1 of "The Story of Gorgoth" included in this episode is breif introduction intoducing my first let's play with MineCraft4Meh. I hope you enjoy it (No bloopers this week as I'm working hard to release these let's play episodes with good quality.):

I want to thank all 710+ Subscribers for your amazing viewing support and comments. Be sure to leave a comment on this weeks episode and share me your thoughts on what you think of this cinematic let's play.
Also this Thursday I will release episode 2. I'm really excited for this little mini-series Let's Play that I've been working I hope you are too.


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Update: Here is the full series playlist video below. Basically each video will begin after the other, I hope you enjoy it.