Men In Black 3 iOS/Android Game Review- Puppet Hound Z Show

Have you ever encountered a game where you enjoy it so much despite one major ground breaking flaw? I mean a game that you knew people felt was garbage but despite all that you loved the atmosphere or concept of the story or name brand. This happens a lot with Movie based video games.

In my experience one such video game was 24: The Game based on the Television series staring Kiefer Sutherland. I really felt the story was so good and thrilling that it made up for some of the weird and at times buggy game-play. I played  the game so much to get a high score and to put my complete attention into what was happening in the story in multiple play-throughs.

The same can be said for freemium games. Freemium games are game that are free but have game-play quirks to motivate you to do a in-application purchase of something, whether it be to remove the advertisements, speed up game-play or play the game for longer periods of time.

This is what I encountered in my recent love hate relationship with the game known as Men in Black 3 for iOS and Android mobile devices. Men in Black 3 is a freemium game that is really fun but has a major flaw put into the game so that people will be motivated to pay money to get past it.

IF you want to know what that is, check out this weeks review episode of the Men in Black 3 game below:

(Update: The Game is no Longer Available).
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