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This weeks episode features a in-depth brief interview with the creators Darkfard and X4nMC of the Minecraft Adventure map called: The Story of Gorgoth. The Story of Gorgoth is a really fun single or multi-player adventure map where you play time travelers exploiring an ruined city in the past. The adventure map features: Puzzles, Platforming and epic action fending off the typical Minecraft Monsters.

Here is the story how I decided to do this interview, in the weeks prior Minecraft4Meh and Puppet Hound Z did a full cinematic machinima style let's play of Part 1 of the Story of Gorgoth. During the first week of release of episodes 1 and 2 of the let's play I was notified by Darkfard the creator of the Story of Gorgoth that one of my videos was stolen and re-posted by a spammer on youtube.

I was thus able to report that video and then I got the idea of hey I should interview Darkfard as a thank you. So that's honest story as to how I decided to do this interview with Darkfard and X4nMC

Here is the The Story of Gorgoth Plot Synopsis from Minecraft Forum page:
"Some time travelers arrived in the year 1500. When they find a mysterious skull they decide to get in, not thinking about all the dangers that are inside there... Through the whole story they will discover secrets and other stuff... But then a BIG secret gets discovered by us time travelers... Is this the end of everything?"

Here is a link to the official Minecraft Forum page of the Story of Gorgoth:

Below is the full video interview featuring behind the scenes footage from the Story of Gorgoth 1 and 2:

Here is the abbreviated interview with Darkfard & X4nMC:

1. What inspired you for The Story of Gorgoth?
DARKFARD: Mostly my friends, they inspired me to make an adventure map. And I couldn't find any decent one to play, or a not so long one.
Like kingdom of the sky, no offence, but I quit maps very fast. So i decided to make one on my own.
2. What did you use to make the Story of Gorgoth? (x4nmc)
X4nMC: We used a Bukkit server and MC Edit. The plug-ins we're World Edit and MonsterBox. And of course our imagination.
3. What was your biggest challenge creating The Story of Gorgoth?
DARKFARD: The Biomes we're really killing us. That's why we needed to cover the area's we made and also the Creeper problem. 
4. What are your plans for Part 2? Any cool behind the scenes things you want to share?
DARKFARD: We are planning to do some mini-games in it and Easter eggs (Secret Surprises). We don't wanna give to much information because the map is less than 1 hour and we want to keep the wow effect.
5. Will it still support Multi-player again? That was epic. (x4nmc)
X4nMC: Yes, we decided to make it multi-player again cause playing with friends is a lot
more fun than playing on your own.
6. Will Part 2 be just as short around a hour long? I liked that. (x4nmc)
X4nMC:We had a little problem now with STOG2, some beta testers couldn't even find
the way in the dungeon even if it was right next to their nose . So the playing
time would depend on the player himself. And if you die a lot or not.
7. When will it be out? (x4nmc)
X4nMC: Around next week. But first we are heavily bug testing the map. And setting the spawns right.
8. What made you guys come up with the Time Machine Idea?
DARKFARD: My friend came up with this time machine thingy. Although the map wasn't created for that.
After all if found it a good idea.
9. How did you guys come up with the style & level design that's in The Story of Gorgoth?
DARKFARD: We had our private level designer. My best friend from school came up with the level designs and more. He couldn't help building it sadly but he found that watching us realize his stuff was quite awesome.
10. How long did it take to make? (x4nmc)
X4nMC: I think we had around 40 hours of creation time. We really had some sorta trouble. Plus, we all needed to have the same image in our mind
11. How many people work on this project?
DARKFARD: We worked with 3 on the map (mostly 2 online at a time) and 1 level designer. Now at part 2 of the STOG we are working with 7 so it goes a lot faster.
12. Is Minecraft just a hobby or are you interested in getting into making video games?
DARKFARD: It's quite a hobby, I love seeing people playing your own creations. But i'm not that smart
to create my own game.
13. What's Your favorite thing about Minecraft?
DARKFARD: That You can build anything you like (in Minecraft terms) And share it.
Also the community of it.
For even more details and behind the scenes information that is not mentioned in this written version of the email check out this weeks episode above!

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Here is my full let's play of the first part of the Story of Gorgoth:

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