Tree House Euphoria- Behind the Scenes w/ Puppet Hound Z - Little Big Planet 2

See behind the scenes look on how Tree House Euphoria was made in Little Big Planet 2. In this weeks video Z shows you his level in creative mode and explains how all the items in the level work and were made. Tree House Euphoria was made by: Puppet Hound Z Show and Announcer Guy. We have shown you the level in it's finished form  in Episode 83, but we haven't shown you how the level was created and built so in this weeks video you get to see how that happened.

Add the level to your Little Big Planet 2 queue here:

In this weeks video you will see all the components, gadgets and inner workings such as the cameras, triggers and level geometry.

So here is this weeks video:

Check out the video in play mode here (please understand that the level may look much better when you play now due to bug fixes):

I also want to personally thank all 845+ subscribers for your amazing support and I hope you get to play it as it's actually much more polished than what the video shows.

Regards and thanks to all,

Announcer Guy
Puppet Hound Z Show.