Tree House Euphoria by: Puppet Hound Z- Little Big Planet 2 Community Creator Spotlight/review- PHZ

Last year I talked about a level I was making in Little Big Planet 2 called: Tree House Euphoria. Well after many months of finding time to finish this level, I've finally published and released the level for you all to play on Little Big Planet 2.

I'm proud to say also that I plan to release a part 2 if you enjoy part 1 and I'm willing to improve part 1 so that it fits with whatever I make for part 2. So even when you see this video it maybe a little big better than what's shown as I've even fixed a few cameras since release too.

Also as a behind the scenes note, I've collaborated with SnowOrchid (The woman who made the amazing logo art you see in each episode) and NoCookies4You (a personal friend who's been helping me film my episodes for the last Month or so).

I also wanted to say that this level release is my way of giving back to you the viewers all 820+ viewers.

Here is the episode giving you a behind the scenes look at some of the design concepts I went through making the level: Tree House Euphoria.

I also want to thank all of my subscribers, all 830+ viewers and growing and I hope you enjoy playing my level and let me know if you want part 2.

Regards and thanks,

Announcer Guy,
Puppet Hound Z Show Creator.

Update here are the Bloopers for this week too. I've uploaded them early due to the fact that I'm going to be busy this week.