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I had the wonderful privilege of interviewing Jon Schubbe (spoken Shoe-bee) the Artist and Animator of the PS3 game known as Closure. Closure is a game I’ve known about since Minecon 2011 and it was released this past April 2012. Believe it or not it was the only indie-game that I was looking forward to playing after seeing it at the Minecraft Convention indie-game theater booth.

WHY? Because it had such a striking art style and game-play mechinic that I’ve never ever seen before in a puzzle game. Closure is in fact one of the most inovative puzzle game’s I’ve ever seen second to Portal by Valve Software! The game uniquely uses a light as a puzzle tool to control what exists and doesn’t. This mechanic along with the art is so amazing I had to figure out how to contact the developers who made the game. But I felt like I had no chance on earth for this to even happen.

Then came a suprising event! The cousin to Jon Schubbe left me a comment on youtube saying,

Thus is how I got in  contact with Jon Schubbe, it was as random as that, just a few tweets on Twitter and bam we were in contact with each other. We had a hard time cordinating when would be a good time to do a interview so a few months passed by, but we've finally made the time in our busy schedules to meet up on Skype for an hour and do a fun interview for you fans of indie-gaming and the Puppet Hound Z Show. And as it turns out we've become pretty good friends from the small amount of time doing the interview and talking about art and gaming.

This weeks episode interview with Jon Schubbe marks the 2nd time I've actually interviewed a real video game developer. My first goes to Richard Lemarchand Co-Lead Designer of Uncharted 3 and now teacher at the University of Southern California.

So check out the amazing interview video below where you will get to see concept art and even behind the scenes photos of Jon Schubbe and Tyler Glaiel at PAX 2009 and GDC 2010:

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Plus special thanks to Jon Schubbe for all his patience and help with regard to making the video possible, along with all the cool behind the scenes photographs and concept art.

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