The Story of Gorgoth 2- Minecraft - Cinematic Let’s Play- Finale - Puppet Hound Z & Minecraft4Meh

This week features the epic final episode to the entire Minecraft Adventure Map known as the Story of Gorgoth 2. All the secrets will be revealed and the ultimate fate of Minecraft4Meh and Puppet Hound Z will be reached!

After the episode finishes Puppet Hound Z shares some of his final thoughts on the Minecraft Adventure Map, both good and bad so find out.

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This adventure map in reality is unfinished but with the permission of Darkfard we modified the ending of part 2 to give viewers and players full closure to the story. Darkfard was originally planning to make a part 3 to the Story of Gorgoth because his friends rushed him into finishing the map. This resulted in Darkfard getting rushed to the point of discouragement and not wanting to finish his story (ie. he loses interest in thing really fast which is unfortunate for us). Thus he doesn't really want to make a Part 3.

But if we can get enough people to play his current part 2 map we might be able to encourage Darkfard to finish part 2 with the ending we've created in the Let's Play. So go and play Darkfard and X4nMC's Story of Gorgoth 2 Adventure map.

Here is the final part to the Story of Gorgoth 2 cinematic let's play:

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Below is the entire Season 2 from beginning to end.