The Story of Gorgoth 2- Minecraft - Cinematic Let’s Play- Series - Puppet Hound Z & Minecraft4Meh

Season 2 of the Story of Gorgoth begins!

After many weeks of planning I've managed to coordinate with Minecraft4Meh to bring you the final season of the Story of Gorgoth Cinematic Let's Play series. I went out of my as before to make the video more cinematic and like a movie documentary film. I've also made some changes and filmed the video in the highest field of view (Quake Aspect) so that I could crop the picture in 2.35:1 aspect ratio. 2.35:1 is the same aspect ratio of major motion picture films in the movies such as Star Wars and Inception.

Please note though that Minecraft4Meh may not release his versions of of the Let's Play because he feel that my version are more well made and it took him a lot of work to make them especially due to his busy schedule.

All the rule of the Adventure Map is the same as it's created by DarkFard and his friend X4nMC.
It's multi-player supported just like the previous map and please note, this is the final map Darkfard will be making on Minecraft.

Here is a link to the forum page so you can download both the texture pack and adventure map:

Below is the first episode of the Let's play and Below this video will be the entire playlist video which will contain all of the season 2 episode in one player so that they will play in order from beginning to the end.

First Episode:

Continuous Play-list.

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