Epic Puppet Hound Island- Creative Mode- Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.3.2

This week Z features a tour of his Epic Puppet Hound Island Creative mode map on the Minecraft Pocket Edition. This map features a lot of various creations that have been worked on since Minecon 2011. Some of the buildings in this video were initially built by attendees as I had my map open up to the public as many people played. I later completed some of the creations and even built my own. Hope you enjoy the tour.

I would like to thank all 980+ subscribers for your support of the Puppet Hound Z Show. Announcer Guy recently got a really great opportunity to work in a Computer Job at the College of Southern Nevada. We will try to keep you all posted but in the mean time the next episode will be Minecraft Pocket Edition Review of Update 0.3.3. Following that videos will commence every other week due to the new work schedule Announcer Guy will be working in.


Announcer Guy & Puppet Hound Z

Update here are the bloopers too: