Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.3.3 - Mobs, Bows & Arrows Review - Episode91 Puppet Hound Z

This week Z reviews the amazing 0.3.3 update to the Minecraft Pocket Edition for iOS and Android mobile devices. This update is a minor update and features new MOBs like the Skeleton and Spider and Bows and arrows and more! These updates bring in amazing new game-play features but also a few gimmicks or control issues too. Find out below.

Check out the full video below to see Z thoughts on this new review and how these features work on the touch screen.

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Update: 8/22/12-  Mojang just updated there blog with the latest change-log for Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.4.0
Check it out here :
Minecraft 0.4.0 Update log

Update: 8/28/2012 (Live Tuesday 8/28/2012)- Here are the Bloopers from this episode: