White Rock Canyon Trailhead, Arizona - Episode 93- Puppet Hound Z

This week features an amazing adventure tour of the White Rock Canyon Trailhead in Arizona, it's just four miles south of the Hoover Dam Overpass bridge. My original plan was to go see the Arizona Hot Springs but unfortunately the trail was washed out so instead this week is focused on the White Rock Canyon Trailhead. It's a very beautiful trail that features narrow canyons, granite, unique wild life like Desert Big Horn Sheep some and the Colorado River.

For my fans who enjoy Minecraft Content, I hope you enjoy this episode as my friends who got to go with me on the trip enjoy Minecraft too. Along the trail we couldn't stop thinking about how much these canyons made us want to play Minecraft. To me though it made me feel like I was in the desert in Uncharted 3 but you will understand that more fully when I upload the behind the scenes footage and bloopers.

Check out this amazing location below and share a comment about what you saw!

I would also like to let you know that next episode will feature the new update to the Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.4.0. I'm sure you will all be looking forward to that. I also want to thank all 1090+ Subscribers were almost a 1100, this is awesome.

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Update 9/25/2012
Here are the bloopers for this episode below.